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Dear author,

First off, thank you! This should be fun.

So, a little more about what I'm thinking.

Prompt #1 While Keith Olbermann is well-recognized as "difficult", he also seems to both engender and display a great deal of affection and loyalty. So the meeting of friends/lovers from different eras seems like an opportunity for gossip, teasing, and possibly even sharing. The Dan/Rachel combination has a lot of canonic potential, whereas the Rachel/Nia is more prospective, but perhaps more fun because of it. I won't object (in other words, I highly encourage!) to you taking a sort of parallel structure, either, and tackling both - think of the "oh, no; not again" for both Keith & Rachel!

Prompt #2 This is based on a real thing. Michele Bachmann managed to freak Keith right the fuck out with a comment to a conservative reporter. Here are two relevant clips: when it happened and six months and a different channel later. Is Matt Taibbi onto something (about 4:00)? Does she really want to talk? Are there advantages to a mind that doesn't work like the rest of the world's? I'm thinking more Six Days Seven Nights than Misery in tone here, though I could imagine Keith having a little empathy for Bachmann.

Prompt #3 This is mainly just a bunch of people I like in a room; they don't all need to be there (the list is pretty much in order of preference), and a green room seems like a likely spot. Colbert can be either Stephen or "Stephen" in this, or be wavering in character. Do with them as you will; or as they will. Green room doors have locks, don't they?

Prompt #4 Three "supporting characters", the contributors who provide variety and spice to the shows (Richard Wolffe and his rant about Sarah Palin and the fruit flies is a classic of the genre). These three are among my favorites: smart, funny, and strikingly beautiful, all of them. It could have a Shakespearean "porter's scene" quality (using the supporting characters to comment upon the main characters, as, say, in the Babylon 5 episode "A View from the Gallery") If you want to include Keith and/or Rachel in this, I won't kick!

Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to seeing how others see these ideas.

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